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Manic Monday ~ Hello Summer!

It’s unofficially summer.... but, in my books June 1st is always the start of summer. In the Midwest, it’s a complete season change that is not only climatic, but our entire lifestyle seems to shift from indoor activities and events to all outdoor “stuff.” Our lifestyles also seemingly become more active when the weather allows us to be outside more. The summer months are probably my most active with constant yard work, kids play, and a yearning to be moving around outside by taking walks, running, or biking. Also it’s a time when warm comfort food is rarely craved. Instead, cravings for seasonal fruits, garden vegetables, and meat prepared on the grill is very satisfying. My water consumption seems to be more in the summer compared to the colder months in which I only crave hot coffees and other warm beverages. The sun is also more prominent and I do believe that a little sun exposure fills that need for vitamin D to be replenished (not to mention, warm sun is just so relaxing). So if there is ever a season to be on your side when making a healthy lifestyle change, it’s THIS season.

Get mentally motivated. Start planning activities outside. Visit MVP Fitness Center to achieve your daily exercise goals. Walking in those doors is part of the accountability of making sure you achieve those goals. Take advantage of those wonderful seasonal foods and buy a big reusable water bottle to drink up! All in all, strive to feel good this summer and ENJOY your journey while this opportunity presents itself!

Hello Summer!!!!!!

Have a GREAT summer!

~Rachel Zimmerman

*Manic Monday will be back in the fall after a “summer break”!!

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