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Manic Monday ~ Get in a Class!

Have you seen the latest MVP Fitness posts regarding the need to buy some more equipment for the exercise classes? The need for extra exercise equipment is due to the growing class sizes! That’s a great sign of a group of people who are truly being accountable and showing up to class to make fitness a priority in their lifestyles. The momentum is there! It can take a while for classes to be established and a core group of participants to become “regulars,” but once it happens, it’s a sure sign that this is the time to jump on the bandwagon!

Just out of college, I’ve had the pleasure to work in gyms in the Chicago area. What I found so fascinating was the fact that the larger cities seemed to be a step ahead in the newest trends and state-of-the-art equipment and programs regarding the fitness arena. Coming from a small Midwest town and university, moving to the Chicago area was like a surreal atmosphere of futuristic fitness ideas come true. After spending a good amount of time in Chi-Town, my family ties pulled me back to my roots where I continued my career taking it to my hometown area located in the community civic center: The YMCA. The contrast was quite obvious. I came from an endless luxury of all kinds of fitness equipment and programs to a facility that only housed one treadmill, one stationary bike, and a passed along Nordic Track (you know the one with actual looking skis). But the one thing our hometown facility had was an indoor pool and gymnasium. And those were two areas that always seemed to be packed.... by groups. The pool had a big group of ladies (15-25 gals) I would see at the same times on the same days doing what they did best in the water: exercise. The same went with the gymnasium: 2-3 big groups of 5-10 guys playing basketball. Same group of guys at the same times on the same days. This was something I didn’t see in Chicago. In fact, I rarely saw the same people more than a few times. I certainly didn’t see the same group of people at the same time on the same day all in the same place. Perhaps it was because the regional population was so enormous. Maybe it was because there was soo many fitness options that caused people to rarely do the same thing. Or maybe because there was a plethora of personal training programs that was the accountability tool of choice. Whatever the reason, it proved to me that the most important tool for successful lifestyle change was in fact, accountability. In a small community, personal training was a service not yet popular. But the method that worked well was found in the group exercise programs.

You see, it’s the accountability factor is HUGE for people trying to achieve healthy lifestyles. And in MOST cases , being accountable for your own self is very hard to do. The next best thing is having help. Others holding you accountable is something that can be of huge benefit! You can see how effective it truly is with other groups that meet together consistently. People begin to know each other, form relationships, and have concern for each other. And that’s what you will get with group exercise classes! I certainly know this by my own experience! I taught many years and fortunately made everlasting relationships with many of my participants. And while we had these classes, we ALL would know when someone was missing or when someone was struggling. We also celebrate victories and accomplishments together. It’s a great feeling. And it’s a journey you all have in common: a healthy lifestyle.

Jump on the bandwagon with these opportunities! You don’t want to miss out!! If you’re struggling with accountability, this is the time to change that struggle! Check out all of MVP’s classes. Try a few... but not just once. Give it a good chance and participate several times. There is something for everyone!

Have a GREAT week!!

~Rachel Zimmerman

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