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Manic Monday ~ Patriotic Style

Monday, May 28, 2018 In honor of our military men and women, I want to remind everyone of the sacrifice and service these amazing citizens of the United States of America have made on our behalf. To those families who have lost a loved one due to active service, our hearts are heavy with yours. Words cannot express our gratitude towards your loved one's courage, bravery, and sacrifice. Those attributes are rare to have. To ALL military servicemen and service women in active duty or as veterans AND their families: THANK YOU! Our family is very patriotic. We take our country's privileges seriously. We recognize the huge amount sacrifice our servicemen and women are making on our behalf. We praise their courage! We honor this Memorial Day with remembering our veterans and deep discussion about the importance of honoring these wonderful heroes of our country. Our children have been taught to recognize and personally thank our service men and women when they see someone who is either in uniform or wearing a hat displaying their military division. One particular time my oldest son followed a servicemen all through the grocery store just to get his attention to say "thank you for your service." I know that serviceman greatly appreciated the gratitude. So, this Memorial Day, I challenge EVERY person reading this to ALWAYS take that small fraction of time to thank our military men and women (active & veterans) anytime you pass by someone in uniform or wearing something signifying they served our country. They deserve it!!! Celebrate your patriotism with a patriotic fruit treat on this hot Memorial Day! Ingredients: Frozen strawberries Frozen blueberries Blue Gatorade or Powerade Red Gatorade or Powerade Ice First blend 3-4 cups of ice cubes so that they are fine pieces. Pour ice into 4 clear glasses. Next blend 1-2cups of blue Gatorade with 2 cups of frozen blueberries. Pour on top of each of the 4 glasses with plain ice. Finally, blend 1-2 cups of red Gatorade with 2 cups of frozen strawberries. Layer that mix on top of the blue in each of the 4 glasses! Add a straw to each glass and enjoy a healthy patriotic refresher!! Happy Memorial Day! ~Rachel Zimmerman Sent from my iPad 

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