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Manic Monday

It's Manic Monday! Let me introduce myself and this manic attempt to educate and motivate you along your journey of a healthier lifestyle, My name is Rachel Zimmerman. I grew up in the small town of Aledo, IL and graduated a "Dragon" from Aledo High School. I entered Western Illinois University in Macomb with the intentions of becoming a Psychologist with an emphasis on children. I ended up finishing WIU with a Bachelor's Degree double majoring in Exercise Physiology and Psychology....and working primarily with adults! My journey in college is what set the stage for what would become the most passionate occupation (outside of being a wife and mother) I could ever experience.

Long story short.... I had a degree that prepared me to help people physically AND mentally. To be honest, that is part of my platform: "being mentally prepared will allow you to prepare yourself for the healthy physical life." Mental preparation FIRST! Working with hundreds of people, I have proven this idea to be the most effective with people who are longing to be and stay healthy. Have I peaked your interest yet? Hopefully, yes. If not, well.... I hope the upcoming Monday writing sessions will eventually resonate with you.

So, this leads me to introducing you to the name of these Monday contributing "educating" and "motivational" entries which I have titled "Manic Mondays." I hear too often, "I will start Monday." Monday rolls around and by the end of the day many people will repeat themselves, "I will start NEXT Monday." My attempts to end the madness of always starting and seeking new healthy programs and/or gimmicks will hopefully hit home to many and therefore prompt a new kind of motivation that will keep many excited about their new lifestyle journey. That being said, I hope you enjoy these upcoming entries and I look forward to seeing changed lives.

Have a GREAT week and focus on your blessings!

Rachel ZImmerman, Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach


Wife, Mother and Friend

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