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Manic Monday ~ A "Magical" Elixir

Baby, it's cold outside....STILL!

My boys have started their baseball season. In fact, my older son played ball last a couple weekends ago and nearly "froze" in the 30*+ temps that had a wind chill of 13*-25* through out the day. After sitting outside for two days of frigid weather, the last thing I want is to eat or drink something cold. Instead, hot comfort foods were what I wanted. The problem with those comfort foods that I was envisioning was that most of them are pretty dense in calories and saturated fat. In moderation, those certain comfort foods aren't that bad.... But I wasn't about to think about moderation because I wanted to just to get WARM! However, being that we had been super busy all weekend, we came home to a pretty barren kitchen. While I had to prepare a warm meal from scratch, I couldn't wait another 30 minutes to consume something warm. And this is when I discovered the "magic elixir."

I usually consume a 30 oz concoction of water, 2 tbs of chia seeds, and a half lemon squeezed and dropped into my cup. It has always been a cold, refreshing drink. But on this particular day I wasn't about to drink it cold. Instead, I boiled up 30 oz of water in my microwave and added in my chia seeds and lemon. After a five minute simmer.... I sipped this elixir and didn't stop with just 30oz. I sipped away another 20oz before dinner! I was warmed up. I felt satisfied. I wasn't craving a heap of comfort foods. I felt refreshed as much as I felt warm! Not only is this mixture a satisfying one, but it has some wonderful health benefits.

So skipping the hot chocolate is possible! Give it a whirl and read up on the wonderful benefits of chia seeds.

Have a GREAT week!

~Rachel Zimmerman

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