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Annual Payment Plan

Single- $400

2nd family - $300

Each additional - $200

This plan must be paid upfront.  

*family must live in same household

Monthly Payment Plan

Single adult - $40

Additional family - $30

Each additional family - $20

*family must live in same household

(Age 14 and up)

Automatic bank withdrawal and credit card transactions will be recurring until notice of cancellation.  Payments can be made with cash or checks as well.

Key Card Purchases



To become a member, visit during staff hours to complete an application. Or, use the download link below to complete and return during staffed hours


Late fee

Auto payment is not required.  You may pay month to month but if you are late with your payment, a $5 fee will be assessed to turn your key back on.  Keys will only be re-activated during staffed business hours.

$15 one time fee

Each member must have a key - no sharing

Under 18 will not receive key card

Must be present with parent or guardian

$15 replacement fee

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