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Membership FAQs

⦁    What are your hours?
      We are a 24 hour fitness facility.  With your membership, you may come and go at          any time, day or night.  

⦁    What are your membership prices?
      Membership is $40 per month for the first family member, $30 for the second                 family member, and $20 for each additional family member.  Must live in same                household. 

⦁    Are there additional fees?
      There is a one time key card fee of $15 per key fob when you first join. 

⦁    Do you offer day passes for friends?
      No.  Anyone who uses our facility must have signed up as a member and signed the       liability waiver.  We offer monthly memberships for those wishing to try out the               facility.  

⦁    Do I have to purchase a certain number of months in advance?

      No.  We offer monthly memberships. However, if you wish to sign up for a month to       month membership, you will need to sign up for ACH billing (electronic debit from a       bank account).  

⦁    Can I share a key with a family member or friend?
      No.  Each member must use his or her own key, EXCEPT for members under the             age of 18, who must use the facilities with a parent or guardian over 18.

⦁    When are invoices sent?  

      Invoices are sent via email to the email address you provide us when you join.  They       are emailed approximately 10 days prior to their due date.  

⦁    How can I pay my bill?
      You can pay via ACH (electronic debit) from a bank account or automatically with            credit card.  You may also pay via check, credit card, or cash at any of our locations        during staffed hours. You may mail payment (please do not mail cash) or pay using        the “Pay My Membership Dues” link on our website.  
      *Key fobs will be turned off if dues are not paid by the due date*

⦁    If I let my membership lapse, can I re-join later?
      Sure!  You can re-join at any time if your membership has lapsed, provided you               have retained your key fob.  If you have lost or returned your key fob to us, we will         require you to purchase a new fob along with your membership.  

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