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Manic Monday ~ Did Someone Say Spring?

Is it really true? Are the birds really chirping? Are those buds appearing on the trees? Do I really have a kick in my step because I’m in a good mood?


After a ridiculous extended winter, it’s time to step outside and actually breathe!! Also, it’s THAT time to prepare for outdoor activities and social events!! But, there is no worse feeling than having to put on that summer outfit or swimsuit to find that it WON’T fit or that it’s too snug!! This situation brings us defeat. We bang ourselves up for not eating better or exercising in the winter / spring months. The feelings of regret are not fun!

Let this new wave of warm air be a reminder to you that NOW is the time to get going with your exercise program. NOW is the time to step away from the winter comfort foods that may have added a few lbs to our bodies (that we could hide under large sweatshirts, pants, and coats).

Eating clean might be a little easier now that it’s warmer. Also, I’ve noticed a new crop of seasonal fruits and vegetables in the stores. Cantaloupe and watermelon are just a few. And let’s be honest, cold fruit from the fridge is more desiring in warmer temps (whereas warm baked cookies are so much more cozier comfort food in the winter).

Activity levels naturally increase due to the outdoor possibilities. And so as the temperature turns warmer, more physical tasks and leisure activities turn up outside.

So take advantage of it NOW and feel good about the real summer months! Don’t wait until you have a week before your summer swim event or special occasion.... remember, there is no “magical pill!”

Happy Spring!!

~Rachel Zimmerman

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