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Manic Monday ~ Not so Super after Super Bowl

It’s the day after the final NFL football game of the year. How do YOU feel?? I’m not so bad.... considering this past football season was not a part of our family’s tv time. Since the Patriots made it to the Super Bowl, we decided to tune in for a bit, not really pushing the limits of any kinda party. In fact, we combed our cabinets for snacks that we already had. But, for most people, Super Bowl is a big par-tay. And I know that most Super Bowl parties are FULL of all kinds of foods.

Americans eat 1.35 million wings.

Americans will eat 11 million slices of pizza from Dominoes Pizza (alone).

Americans buy:

  • Potato chips – $277 million

  • Tortilla chips – $225 million

  • Meat snacks – $99 million

  • Popcorn – $89 million

  • Deli salads – $80 million

  • Cheese snacks – $71 million

  • Deli sandwiches – $58 million

  • Salty snack dips – $42 million

  • Deli platters – $23 million

  • Vegetable trays – $13 million

If you were one who grabbed as much grub as a Thanksgiving feast, then here are a few recovery tips for the next few days:

1.- DRINK a lot of water!!! Fill up those water bottles and flush out your system! Not to mention, most people negate drinking water throughout the Super Bowl opting for soda or alcoholic beverages. Dehydration could be making you feel kind of cruddy.

2.- Don’t continue into today and eat up all of the left overs. It will be a double whammy if you do. Eat clean, whole foods to sustain health and energy.

3.- Exercise. Get moving. There are probably a ton of extra calories ready to go into fat storage unless burned off. Use that stored up energy and take in a good long exercise session.

Get back on track. Root “Team Self” on to a victory!

Have a GREAT week!

-Rachel Zimmerman

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