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Manic Monday ~ Manic or Control

Well, as I was talking to a good friend this past week I realized that barriers and unforeseen events are not just happening to me. They happen to everyone! When unexpected events happen, our whole focus and sense of control get rocked.

As I was in a good zone of eating very healthy for the last several weeks, I fell victim to eating everything in sight. Take it a step further and I found my myself eating the leftover piece of cake my child didn't finish at a birthday party.... but even a step further... I had just arrived to pick up my child and saw that the piece of cake was barely touched so I instantly picked up and ate it. That of course was all after a long night in the emergency room with my son (all is good). But when arrived home at midnight, I just needed to unwind. Not even being mindful, I grabbed chips and salsa and sat down for a late night feeding frenzy. It carried on tho the next day with that birthday party. I just wasn't even thinking.... because I was just plain tired. Manic.

The emotions and fatigue have me a manic few days. A few days of no control because emotional and physical exhaustion set in. And I'm finding that true with so many people. My good friend also was relating to this. She too, had just had an ER run with a child and gave into a late night of grabbing food she normally would not eat. It's common.

In most cases these events are not a weekly nor a monthly occurrence. However, for some.... the stresses of life (job, finances, parenting, marriage, health, etc) can cause constant emotional and physical fatigue for some. And the result can be a consistent lack of control to eat healthy and exercise.

For me, this happens a few times a month I and can get back on track quickly. But what about those of you who have to endure a constant run of emotional and physical fatigue do to life stresses? It would be easy to say, "just get rid of your stressors." The reality is that might not be so easy to do. But there are ways to get control. Here are a few effective ways to regaining self control:

  1. Have a plan!! I mean really... think of two options that you can realistically go to if times get tough. For me, I either take a 15-30 minute walk to think (& breathe - pray) or I grab a large flavored water or coffee. It is much better than having a field day with food.

  1. Have accountability. Find a partner that seems to experience the same reactions to food under stress. Have a plan of attack to connect with each other for encouragement and motivation. I just did this with my husband yesterday morning. I went for my early morning run and when I got home it was his turn. He was trying to talk himself out of it and I told just to get out there and do it because he would feel so much better. So he did. And when he got back he DID feel so much better!

  1. Deep thinking and mental prep. Instead of reacting with instant, mindless reactions, take some extra time to really, really think! It's like when you get upset.... it's wise to take a few minutes to let the madness simmer down. And then set aside the emotion and have a little more clarity come into play.... is much better then reacting immediately. Same with the onset of stressful scenarios and eating reactions. I have practiced this so much that in light stresses, I am very good. Moderate stress, I can hold my own still. But the Mack daddy of stress can spin me. But I'm getting better! After this post I think I will work at it harder!!

So, manic or control? It's always a choice. I'm choosing control! Hope you join in!

Have a GREAT week!

~Rachel Zimmerman

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