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Manic Monday ~ Chocolate Covered Katie

Shhh... I have a secret. I am a chocolate junkie at heart. I love, love, love chocolate. But I have learned over many years that a diet in mostly chocolate is not good in keeping the weight off. But sometimes I have too much of a craving for chocolate that I just need something!!

In attempts to keep my chocolate craving in check with recipes that are both healthy and good, I have come across an amazing young blogger who dedicates her time in creating and publishing real recipes that are healthy alternatives to the "real things." Who wouldn't love recipes that mimic Girl Scout cookies, Wendy's Frostys, and candy bars? AND they are much healthier than the real thing! Her name is Chocolate Covered Katie! And she has had T H E best recipes I have ever tried!

So on this Monday, take a break. Tag into Chocolate Covered Katie. I bet you will enjoy any recipe you try!

Go ahead....


Have a GREAT week!

Rachel Z

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