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Manic Monday ~ Yo-Yo Yoga

I have always been a person who keeps moving. It's a rarity for me to have "nothing to do." And especially after having children, there is no down time. Just the other day I was thinking about my life schedule and when I actually have moments of resting. Here is what I came up with: bedtime, in the car when I'm taking kids to and from school, church, and Bible study (which is a scheduled time). I'm in a season of life where sitting in a lounge chair watching my kids' ball games is not going to happen as two toddlers are trying to scale the diamond fence. And just the other day my family attended our local volunteer fire department's annual pancake breakfast....and as I sat down to take a bite of that beautiful pancake, my one year old was out running full force around the firetrucks. The other patrons were banding together to keep him safe as they tried to find me in the midst of breakfast goers. As my husband was caring for our four year old, I scarfed down breakfast and went back on mommy patrol. A good friend came over to fellowship and naturally did so by helping me with my youngsters and chatting at the same time. No sitting down for extended periods for this momma. It's always "go" time! And I realize this is a precious season. Some day I will have many opportunities to unwind at length!

Sometimes we just have to schedule in that time of rest. And sometimes we have to step into an environment where laundry and dishes aren't staring you down. For me it's my time at church and Bible study. It's 7 miles away and my children are well taken care of at the same location. It's my spiritual revival time AND my physical rest time (besides sleep time). It's perfect timing too...once on the weekend in the height of weekend activities and once in the middle of the week. I absolutely LOVE it! There are many other things that have brought a restful kind of peace to my mind and body. Walking in nature, taking a bath, and watching an endearing movie on the couch. There is one other activity that I have found very much true to its claim: yoga!

I taught many exercise classes in my day. You know, the ones that are full of motion and high intensities. I preferred the fast action and the motivator in me did great shouting phrases of encouragement to "pump" up my class attendees. I taught boot camps, high intensity step class, shadow boxing, sport conditioning, and cross training classes. All of which didn't fair well for a beginner (although we did offer awesome modifications that lured many levels into our energetic classes). So, when I was the only one left needed to substitute for a yoga class, I hesitated. Yes, I was certified (only because it was required for my position) but I struggled to enjoy it as I went through the certification process. Let's put it this way: I wanted to move fast! I had clients that needed to burn those calories! Well, that was then. NOW, I yearn for that kind of body conditioning. Slow, controlled, peaceful, yet very much so work.... Just in a much different way. In fact, my sweet neighbor gifted me one of the best gifts for a new mother: Mommy and Baby Yoga. Needless to say I took full advantage of it. It was away from my house duties (check), I was guaranteed the scheduled time (check), I was able to do it with my baby (check), and I was in NEED of change (check). I was excited! The class was wonderful. Truly, I had an amazing experience. I never knew this is how yoga SHOULD feel. I was always too busy to appreciate the reason for yoga. I came out of each class refreshed, stretched, and peaceful.....and now a big supporter! I quit the "yo-yo" with yoga and have made it a part of my weekly schedule.

If you have thought this way in the past too, give yoga another shot! With the stresses of life, you will be glad you did!!

Have a GREAT week!

Rachel Zimmerman,

Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach


Wife, Mother, and Friend

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