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Manic Monday ~ I'm on a Quest!

I'm on a Quest...really. I've been on the Quest bar diet for the last few months and must return back to whole, clean foods!! I don't know what it is about Quest bars, but they taste good! In fact they taste so good that I find myself replacing a few meals a day with them. Not only are they good tasting, but they can break the bank too. They are a little pricey for a bar. A case of 12 is almost $25. Yikes!!! I somehow find myself justifying it but thinking, "a real meal would cost more!" I have to get away from my dependence on these bars. But it's sooo hard. For one, who can resist a chocolate chip cookie dough flavor that actually mimics the real deal? Second, I absolutely love meals I don't have to plan, prepare, and clean up after, and I suppose that's why we invented the convenience meals(which usually aren't the healthiest). Third, the Quest bar satisfies me. Too good to be true!

Yes, the Quest bar is too good to be true. If I continue to have a diet full of these bars I will be sure to miss out on the nutritional benefits that whole, clean foods can provide. Sure, the Quest bar has over 20 grams of protein, it's under 200 calories, it is low in sugar, it has an amazing content of fiber (40-50% of DV), and it can be used in many recipes. But, it lacks in the nutritional value that we need to be optimal. So, my Quest journey needs to change. And just like any other convenience food option, I must ingest in moderation. For me, it will be like giving up a soda a day. I may go through some cranky moments. I may have reactions due to withdrawal. I might event break down and eat a half case of bars in one day. But, I am going to try hard to get away from my dependence on these favorites of mine!

Now as I leave this post, I am warning you to be careful of the Quest addiction. My oldest daughter is along side me in this addiction. You know it's an obsession when she seeks out the soon to be expiration dates on bars and gets a clearance deal that prompts us to buy the whole clearance lot out. You will get sucked in! Watch your Quest!!

Have a GREAT week!!

Rachel Z

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