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Manic Monday ~ The Most Powerful Drink

It's the day after Super Bowl Sunday. How are a YOU feeling? In most cases, people have celebrated America's sport of football with enthusiasm, food, and drinks. And today is a new day. A renewal of sorts. A need for some cleaned out bodies! So, in my collegiate studies, I had a professor who walked into class the first day of school carrying a big jug of water. He positioned it in the middle of the class. We all were instructed to circle our chairs around it. The class was a sports nutrition class. He said, "This 'potion' is the most magical beverage on this earth." Huh? Water? Agua? H2o? Come on! I signed up for this class....and all he's going to talk about is WATER for the next 4 months?! Well... fast forward to 2017----water IS what my professor claimed it to be! When I began training clients, the first thing I told them was that we were going to lose weight by drinking more water. This was stated after I would review their lifestyle assessment. In most cases, clients were only consuming a couple of servings of water per day. In fact, I know of many people who don't even consume water (diet soda is their source). By increasing their water intake, the body would essentially "get use to" more water being pumped through the body. After about 2 or 3 weeks, people would notice a release of water weight and essentially see their scale tip 2-4 pounds. Even though the weight is water, it's a great sign that the body is no longer retaining h2o. When your body is not hydrated, water molecules get "held" into temporary storage. The subcutaneous fat cells tend to hold onto that water. It's an amazing process because it's your body's way of survival. The body goes into this storage process because it is dehydrated and doesn't know when you will replenish with water again. And water is very important for body function. So, essentially when you consistently consume water, your body Is being replenished ongoing....then there is no need for your body to go into survival mode so it will no longer need to store water. But, this is after you prove to consume water for several days. This also means you will have to empty your bladder A LOT. Don't worry, after a few weeks your trips to the bathroom will be less as your body adapts. The RESULTS: You will feel refreshed. You will feel energized. Your appetite will decrease. Your cravings will dip. You will lose 1-4 lbs of water weight. You will lose the bloating. Your kidneys will be less stressed. Your muscles will recover faster. You will think clearer. You may sleep better. You will perform activities better. Most importantly, you will be healthier! My professor was right! Everyone needs this! Don't let simplicity fool you as a hoax! It's true.... Drink more water! Simple! Have a GREAT Monday..... Drink a few glasses of water in these next hours and feel great! Rachel Zimmerman, Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach ACE/NSCA Wife, Mother, and Friend.

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