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Manic Monday ~ 'twas the day after Christmas...

The feasting, the gift opening, and social gatherings are coming to an end for the month.....and the season. With the focus turning to New Year's, there also comes the planning of New Year's resolutions. Now, let's be many times have you made resolutions and have dropped the resolution effort by June...ahem, March? THIS is going to be the year! I love the fun catch phrases that people tag with the new year. How about, "Go lean in '17!" As much as I would like to hold on to that ideology for the year, I know it will take a lot make sure I am making the best effort to live healthy. It really starts now. I strongly suggest to people to begin preparing for a better year a week before the New Year. This gets your mind prepared and it allows for you to prepare your pantry, kitchen, and get your gym membership established. This is crucial as we all know the mad rush of new starts begin January 2nd. And this effect can have many discouraged and willing to wait until the rush simmers. So, this week I have an assignment for you: 1) List your fitness/healthy lifestyle goals. -list it in general. -go back and analyze your goal and go into deep detail. 2) Establish a schedule that includes designated workout days and times. Establish a food preparation day or days and grocery shopping days. Finally, chart your goal dates. For example, if you are in need of losing 20lbs, it is unrealistic that one would achieve that in one month. However, if you chart your milestone goals throughout the year, the goal becomes realistic and you realize the challenge is attainable. I would take 20lbs and average a .75-1.5lb loss per week....BUT that depends on how much effort is put on healthy eating and exercise. Monthly milestones work wonders! 3) Establish a healthy diet plan. There is quite a bit to choose from. I could go into hours of listing various programs. But here are a few things to remember: your plan should be something you can attain for a very long time, perhaps a lifetime. It should be balanced. It should be healthy and nutritious. It should include as many clean foods as possible! Also, whatever plan you research and choose, give it time to work! It is said that one will notice results after approximately 20-30 days. 4) Establish an exercise plan. Start with baby steps if need be. Each week add to your plan. Ideally, one should reach a weekly goal of 4-6 days of cardiovascular and 2-5 sessions of strength training depending on the body parts worked (the entire body should be challenged at least 2 times per week). MVP has so many opportunities and options to make this work. There are cardio machines, free weights, and a complete circuit for total body strengthening.

Get all of this on paper or logged into your computer, tablet, or phone. Find some additional tools and resources that can aid you in this journey. There are tons of them out there. There are watches, bands, apps, ... The list goes on! Here we come.... 2017!! It's your year!! December weekly challenge: Perform 100 push-ups this week. Modify form to knees instead of on toes...if needed. Perform 50 alternating lunges this week. Perform 100 tricep dips off of a bench or step. Perform 100 bicep curls with a resistance band or moderate weights. (Take a break between every 10-20 reps) Do this whole challenge 3x this week. Bonus: visit MVP this week and get a rhythm going....because the New Year is coming! Rachel Zimmerman, Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach ACE/NSCA Wife, Mother, and Friend

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