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Manic Monday - The Effort in Exercise

E is for exercise. Actually, the "E" is for EFFORT in exercise! I would like to believe that most people know the minimal requirements of exercise. I would like to believe that exercise is easy to do....for everyone. Unfortunately, I find that many people are turned off by the effort it takes to get going on an exercise regime. This also includes people who have a baseline exercise program that they have been doing for months or years and are need of change in order to achieve specific goals. Let me use an analogy that seems to aid in the perspective I am trying to achieve. We all brush our teeth ( I hope). By now, it comes second nature. This task is automatic for most of us. We eat breakfast, brush our teeth, and then we are off starting the day. We end the day with the task....brushing our teeth. However, as a child it was the death of us. If you remember those good 'ol days or if you have kids, you know that brushing was a dreadful task enforced by parents. It may have even included turning the child upside down, pinning them on the floor, or holding the child's jaw in a locked position...OPEN, until all teeth were brushed. Ah....those pearly whites! Aren't you glad you went through that? Fast forward to a more mature life, here in the present. We are master teeth brushers. In retrospect, we went through a journey of constant persistence and daily effort of a task that gives us great outcomes of having healthy choppers. Now, imagine if you didn't put effort into that task all of these years. What would be the outcome? We end up appreciating those daily efforts. AND they have become a HABIT! This is where we want to be with exercise. We want it to be an automatic habit. Yes, it takes initial effort. BUT, the outcome is great! I love the saying, "it takes change to make change." That's true. You have to put in effort to change though. Here are some great examples of effort in exercise: Wake up 45 minutes earlier and try to perform some type of exercise (walk around the block for 30 minutes or head over to MVP for your first early morning exercise time.) Have your exercise clothes ready along with water, sweat towel, etc. Drive you car to the gym parking lot. Open up the door of the gym and ENTER (you're there!). Sign up for an exercise class. Invest in a fitness coach or trainer until you feel like exercise is becoming habit. Walk during your kids' sport practices instead of waiting in the car. If you are in need of changing your current "comfortable" exercise routine because your body has adapted, try a new class. Try a new intensity. Try a new duration. Put the "E" (effort) in exercise and overtime you will have a habit made! Have a GREAT week and enjoy your blessings! Rachel Zimmerman, Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach ACE/NSCA Wife, Mother, and Friend

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