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Manic Monday - Quick Fix

It's Manic Monday! How's your healthy lifestyle journey going? Some would say "great," many would say "good" or "OK", but most people sat, "not at all"- meaning it's NOT going. This is so common. And you will see how common it is by observing billions of dollars companies are making in trying to provide quick fixes and gimmicks for the majority of the population. Today, I want to talk a little about the "quick fix" ideology in our culture.

Ah...good 'ol America - how I love my country, but I am tired of the advances our culture focuses on regarding the fact that there is a QUICK FIX to everything! EVERYTHING has to be convenient and fast! Why? Well, so we can try and fit MORE things into our already crazy busy lives which contradicts the real goal of convenience - REST! Rest contributes to patience. Busy living contributes to a lack of patience. This holds true to our healthy lifestyles also. We are so busy, we want things to be convenient, and the big one: we want it NOW! We want our results now, not next week or next month. It's bred into our culture these days. With that train of thought, we are a society that can rarely wait with patience. Maybe you are yearning to lose weight or gain muscle to be healthy and feel better. Maybe you are wanting to add strength for an activity/sport/occupation or maybe tone up for self-confidence reasons. Whatever the goal is, I want to make this clear: IT TAKES TIME, EFFORT, AND PATIENCE! The prerequisite for these is to be MENTALLY prepared. Because in this day and age attempts will fail over and over if you are not mentally prepared to organize and dedicate your time, produce effort, and understand patience as you begin this new journey.

I always tell my clients that starting a lifestyle journey will take time. I even go as far as a guarantee. I will ask a client, "If I guarantee you that you will reach your goal, will you guarantee me your time?" Most people will say, "YES!" because they hear the words, "guarantee.....reach your goal." But the reaction takes a small turn when they hear me tell them that they should plan on a year's time. Now, I know that sounds like A LOT. Who has a year to dedicate to reaching their goals? Well, the fact is that we all do. It's a lifestyle change, not a gimmick. It takes steps. It takes learning. It takes patience. It takes sustaining a lifestyle that you can endure for many years to come. The result of this lifestyle will be freeing. You will feel better. You will be healthier. You will be optimal for those around you.

An example of establishing goals through a journey of time is this: Imagine you want to buy a reliable vehicle. Your old one is breaking down and it has caused you much frustration and inconvenience. The catch is that you cannot take a loan out. You have to save cash and pay in full. So your focus is now on this goal. You begin to save. Each week the saving gets better. We all know that money will not grow on trees, so a quick fix is a 99% chance - not-going-to-happen. At this rate, it will take a year for you to save. At month #2 you get a little impatient, are you going to stick with saving and reaching your goal OR are you going to take the 1% chance and gamble all you have saved on a lottery ticket and see if you can make your goals? So which one are you? Outside wisdom says to stick with your journey of saving. While the majority of you would agree, I am going to shift your mind to the journey of investing in a healthy lifestyle. NOW, how are you with this? Are you willing to invest into a year of focusing on healthier efforts OR are you a person who will get to your second month of "trying" and fall victim to "quick fixes"? That is the mental question I have for you today.

Results will happen, but the investment needs to happen. Take some time this week. Think about what a journey is. Think about the investment that needs to happen to truly make this a REAL lifestyle change. Another thing to think about is the way you feel now. You have to make a choice: your current, comfortable lifestyle that comes with results that do not make you feel so good OR a new lifestyle that even though is going to take effort, it will make you feel good and reach your goals. What is it worth to you? Set your goals. Realize that it is not going to be a quick fix this time. Understand there will be teachable moments. Collect resources, including people who care and want to help. Mentally create desire, devotion, and dedication to making this journey. Remember, mental preparation is the foundation for absorbing education on proper eating and exercise.

This week's challenge: write out a typical week of what you do in regards to your eating and exercising. Also write about your attitude towards your current lifestyle and what your attitude is towards making changes to your diet and exercise plan. Ponder and think about how you can achieve an attitude that will be positive and motivating as you change your current plans. Also, if you know you need to change your eating and/or exercise, it is in steps, not flights. SO, BE PATIENT! If you change your plan so that you are eliminating one soda a day, or walking 15 minutes more, or just entering MVP Fitness Center for the 1st time.... well, guess what? That's better than the day before! You are on your way!! Soon you will be drinking no soda, and working out more often.

Have a GREAT day and enjoy your blessings!

Rachel Zimmerman, Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach


Wife, Mother, Friend

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