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Manic Monday - Starting Fresh

September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day! Today is unofficially the last day of summer. That means there is a fresh new outlook towards the next season. Many people have new routines and activities. The weather tends to be more tolerable. Kids are in school. The BBQ will begin to slow down, I am ready. I think most people are welcoming of a new season. I believe that most people favor this fall season most. There is something miraculous about crisp air, beautiful fall colors, and fall gatherings. This is the perfect time to start a new season for yourself. Before all of the holiday parties and feasting begin to roll around beginning in November, there is no better time then now to get on a path to health.

A big part of starting fresh is to plan and prepare. Establish an environment that will allow you to succeed. Planning for healthy eating calls for a kitchen that is stocked with primarily clean foods that are prepared and easily accessible. Having a weekly eating schedule and sticking with it allows you to plan before you start grabbing anything in sight. Planning and scheduling your exercise sessions are crucial to your mental readiness to exercise. Part of this exercise planning is having a location or environment to exercise. Typically many people can't sustain a exercise location at home for various reasons, not to mention the demands of home tasks calling your name! Ideally, I have seen the best dedication to exercise in people who designate a solid, neutral environment for their exercise. I have to say that the Sherrard area is incredibly blessed to have a gym in the area! I live outside of Milan and there is not a facility in a 10 mile radius. I know that a gym provides patrons the environment needed to successfully exercise. In fact, once you step foot into the gym, you have just won half of the battle! You see, the mental game your mind plays on you causes for distraction from exercise. But as soon as you enter those gym doors, you are there for one reason: to get moving- to get healthy. 

So my challenge for you in this new season is to start fresh. Take an hour to prepare your kitchen then take a trip to grocery shop for clean foods. Make an effort to schedule in exercise. Take advantage of this rare accommodation of a convenient gym available for your use at any hour of the day. Make it your goal to enter through those doors at least 3-4 times per week. It's a guarantee that you will exercise IF you enter through the door! What better environment to aid in your success! 

Cheers to a new start!

Happy Labor Day!

Rachel Zimmerman, Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach


Wife, Mother, and Friend

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