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Manic Monday ~ Are You All In?

In the health and fitness world, we tend to be people who are "all in" or "all out." What I mean is that we go full force (to start) or we stay far away from any kind of new fitness regime because we are neither motivated nor "available." There is also one other transitional precursor to "all out." We will call this the "idle phase." So really, we can say there are three different stages we can be in regarding our fitness commitments. I have to say, as a personal trainer, it's awesome to see people go full force into a new regime. There is a lot of motivation, energy, focus, and effort. But, more often than not most people lose that force within 2-6 weeks. A perfect example happens when January comes around. Everyone wants to start those New Year's resolutions. The energy seems high because it's a new beginning with the new year. But, sadly our gyms become less attended by late February. I've seen it over and over. So what is it that causes this trend? And I bring this up because the same surge begins around Labor Day. Many people get back on the "band wagon" and drop off when Halloween rolls around (followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas).

Well, the answer can include many variables. I believe mostly, that the reason why people lose the "all in" effect is because we expect immediate results. We tend to run out of steam when we don't see what we want in a time that is immediate. It's a mental thing. If we could just retrain our mental way of thinking, we could establish a long term lifestyle change that would keep us "all in."

One way to make this happen is to realize and belief that lifestyle changes need to be a commitment for life. If you can't sustain this for life, it's not going to do much for you overall. I always start any new client with a strategic plan that would include a year of programming. Why? Because our seasons change and so do our minds. And it's different for everyone. For me, when fall rolls around, I tend to be less active and craze warm hearty foods. The holidays can add to that. In the spring I tend to be more active outdoors and in the summer I tend to eat fresh and less. It's a complete cycle. No season is the same. But what is the same for me is the fact that I know how to shift my regime and make it work positively through each season. I don't throw in the towel and wait until the New Year to start over again. That yo-yo effect can tire us out and down the road keep you in an "all out" state.

So, as we approach this new season, think about your plan. Take some good time to really analyze what works for you and how you can change your regime to overcome the different seasons in life. Remember, if it's sustainable for you.... and you can keep at it (for more than just a few weeks)... you will see incredible results!!!

Have a GREAT week!!

~Rachel Zimmerman

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