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Manic Monday ~ BE Optimal

I had a wonderful conversation with a few girls that attended one of our group exercise classes the other night. Our discussion really rang in my thoughts for a few days. Our conversation started with the fact that most of the ladies attending class that evening were trying to "get back into being healthier." It's a common feeling among many and especially during this time of year when seasons are about to change, school is in session, and routines become a little more structured. I couldn't help but to resonate with these ladies about the yearning to feel better health wise. I've been there many times. The benefit of my journey is that I have had health and fitness resources readily available due to my profession. But those resources and mental prep is available for anyone!

I mentioned that my life was pretty busy raising a large family and shifting gears everyday, all day. But, I have always approached the day prepared. I, me, myself..... have to be optimal (to the best ability possible) for what lies ahead. What I mean is I WANT to be the best momma to my kids. I WANT to be a wife who can help my incredibly busy husband. I WANT to be a helping friend. I WANT to be a good citizen to my neighbors and community. But I can't do this if I'm not in a good place. Honestly, my relationship with the Lord is priority (soul & heart is foundational). Then it's this body of life God gave me. Not to run it into the ground, but to benefit life, other's lives. Being optimal with my health will allow for me to perform my daily activities with the best effort possible. Being optimal for others means that I have to have energy, strength, clarity, patience, and more to offer. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all felt that way?? But, there are so many times when people aren't optimal...and it seems to have a "ripple" effect which can effect others.

Being optimal sounds good. It also can be hard. It takes desire. It takes dedication. It takes effort. But the benefits far out way the amount of effort it takes to get to a desired state. I always keep the benefits/rewards in mind. I am mindful of the fact that if I'm not in a good place, then chances are the people around me will not benefit much because I won't have much to offer. But, if I'm feeling good chances are that I will be offering much more to those around me. So in essence, it's about others! How can I be the best for others???

So what's holding you back from being the best you can be? It might be time to get that scheduled workout in. If you are a busy person (work or/and kids), there are many creative and strategic ways to get activity in. What about nutrition? Maybe get an accountability partner. Seek out resources to help set the stage for a change in lifestyle.

When I'm not good with myself, I lack in energy, strength, clarity, and patience. I can't afford to not be the best person possible for others!!

This week, BE OPTIMAL!!

Have a GREAT week!

~Rachel Zimmerman

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