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Manic Monday ~ My Favorites

So, it's summer! And summer is my FAVORITE season. Being that summer is my favorite, I felt compelled to share my season of "favorites" that enhance my healthy lifestyle journey.

The summer heat presses me to drink a whole lot more water. And with my Yeti 30oz tumbler, I can fill it full of ice and the thermal cup will keep my ice in cube form for most of the day allowing me to just refill with water. There is nothing like a cold drink on a hot summer day. My Yeti is even better on the go when I have no access to a cold drink. By the way, just recently I was introduced to the cooler brand, Ozarktrail. Let me tell you, it is as good as Yeti. I did an ice test with both tumblers and they both kept the ice in cube form for the same amount of time. Ozarktrail can be found at Walmart for a fraction of the price of Yeti.

My next favorite is Birkenstock. I am including this one for health and summer for good reasons. If you have experienced foot issues such as plantar fasciitis or a fallen arch, flip flops are out! After experiencing such foot problems, I invested in a good pair of Birkenstock and threw out my four pairs of flip flops. It's summer and wearing hot sweating tennis shoes all day is just not summer for me. My Birkenstocks saved my feet and work so well that I can even take long walks in them without issues. The footbed provides just the right support to the foot without the heaviness of an athletic shoe. A few other brands of sandals that have been good to my feet and allow for me to walk long distances are Sanita and Dansko brands. You're feet will thank you!

Cooling towels.... what can I say? They are the miracle towel. Not only do I love these portable, on the go towels, but so do my sportster kids. I first noticed these towels a couple years ago when my daughter played ASA softball. At first I thought the players were wearing scarves in the dugout. But after my daughter requested one, we all got one for ourselves. We just dip them in cool water or our ice cooler, wring out the excess water, and woo hoo... we can place our cool towel around our necks and stay cool and comfortable through any day out in the sun! *Warning: if you have boys, beware of their natural tendency to snap the wet towel at their buddies or siblings.

Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon! A seasonal favorite food of mine is the watermelon. Not just as a food, but as a drink! After I scoop out all of the watermelon flesh, there is so much juice left in the bowl of the melon! We pour it into a large cup, chill it, and it makes for a very refreshing drink!

So there you have it... a few of my favorite things!

Have a GREAT week!

~Rachel Zimmerman

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