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New Year Chant

Happy New Year!!! Is this the year? Are you ready for a fresh start? Some of you might be feeling like an ugly Christmas sweater I saw pictured somewhere. The image on the sweater was of a reindeer head. The reindeer had his mouth open as if he was "throwing up." The contents of what was coming out of his mouth were candy canes, cookies, candies, etc. Although it was a strange concept for an ugly sweater ( that's the point though ), it was a perfect visual of how some people feel during the Holiday season. And frankly, I'm ready for some clean, wholesome food. I know my body NEEDS the absence of the extra sugar I ingested this past week. Last week, I wrote about preparing for the start of this new year. A crucial point I want to stress is the mental preparation. If you don't have the mental readiness, chances are that achievements may be minimal. In this day and age we have so much against us. Most of it is self-induced. We have convenient foods and restaurants. We have busy lifestyles. We have social lifestyles. We have distractions. We have many other barriers that bombard us. At anytime, these barriers can hit us during our vulnerable times. If that happens and you're not "armored up" mentally, then the common way of life is to forfeit any healthy efforts of eating or exercising. Ideally, I suggest that individuals take a good chunk of time to establish plans that help with mental focus. This would include finding motivational factors that create a sense of excitement. One example would be to focus in on physical activities that are enjoyable versus the activities that are dreadful. If I work with a client who absolutely does not like being on a cardio machine for 40 minutes, then I find an activity that will provide the same effort but is enjoyable. It might be a dance session or an exercise class. Maybe it's a cross training option or an outdoor activity. There are always different options! MVP Fitness Center has many different cardio and strength training tools! Now is the time to start using your membership if you have not been consistently or join if you haven't done so yet.

The fact is, if there is a will, there is a way. If you are serious and passionate about change, you will make it work. BUT you have to get serious first! You have to have a passionate drive also. If you don't have those feelings, you're probably not mentally ready. And unfortunately many people get those driving factors when they are in a position of serious health issues. Had they made the choice to change earlier in their lives, those serious health issues would have probably been preventable and non-existing. So, basically the mental question to ask is: do you want to make changes now and feel good...preventing the risk of serious health issues OR do you want to stay in a "comfort" zone and wait until your health is poor and you have no other options left? Strong questions. Harsh? Yes, but also true for most people. Be optimistic! Create some excitement towards a healthier life. Feel good this year! We all want that! In preparing for the new year this past week, I did some deep thinking. I love strong, yet simple phrases that can keep my mind focused. This year I want to be "clean." (It also rhymes with '17) - BE CLEAN IN '17!! What a chant! For me, "clean" means a lot of things. I want to be clean with my spirit, mind, and body. I want a renewal of the mind so that anxiety, frustration, and distraction doesn't rob me of what is pure and true. I what my body to be healthy. A cleanse on the inside. All of this will trickle down to a clean way of living. Mentally and physically. This has created excitement for me. It's my new little chant for the year. Those words will be powerful for me because I put a lot of thought into what it means and how I will use it in my thoughts and actions. Now, it's your turn. What new year motto will resonate with you? What will excite you? What will work for you? Happy 2017! Rachel Zimmerman, Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach ACE/NSCA Wife, Mother, and Friend

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