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Manic Monday ~ The Thanksgiving Challenge

Okay....have you been preparing for Thursday's feast of all feasts? It truly is a wonderful day to celebrate. We are all so blessed to be living in this country. It's a time to truly be grateful. With this time, also comes an abundance of food. Amazing food. I can already smell the aroma of our Thanksgiving is embedded in my mind. How can it not be? As good as Thanksgiving is....there is also a consequence side. It is not the stuffed's the STUFFED BELLY that belongs to almost every single American that partakes in this feasting celebration. Year after year my family lists the things, people, and blessings we are grateful for. Often times health is mentioned. And isn't that a huge blessing to be grateful for: health? It prompts me to be more conscious of the choices I make to ensure that my health is that I can be optimal for everything the Good Lord puts in my path. Optimal for my children, for my tasks, to help my husband, to do for others, and the list goes on. I mean let's face it, mental health can be challenged when you're not healthy. And how do you feel when you are at the top of your game health wise? GREAT! Sooo, why not honor health? What not challenge yourself to feel GREAT this season? Why not give a toast to health and follow through with a healthy day on the very day we give thanks for such things as health? Are you up for it? Gratitude to health? Well, then take my challenge! Seriously! #1- Plan and prepare a tray that you can snack on throughout your Thanksgiving gathering. For example, a veggie tray, tree nuts in the shell ( crack open), a fruit tray, a popcorn bowl (seek out an array of awesome healthy recipes), etc. #2- Plan an early morning Thanksgiving Day workout. I challenge you to 45-60 minutes at least. Visit MVP Fitness Center! Try an array of different exercises! The Turkey Trot run is another event that takes place that morning. #3- Eat a light, protein filled breakfast. #4- DRINK WATER! Drink it all morning.... Try 16-32 oz first thing in the morning. And drink at least 16 oz BEFORE you settle in for the big dinner!!! #5- Pack Gum! Sugarfree Extra or Trident. Pop in a piece before dinner.... AND after dinner!! #6- Okay, enjoy dinner, however.... refrain from a second trip or second plate. Wait 30-60 minutes before you think you need an extra serving. Same goes with dessert, one serving of pie or try a half serving of one dessert and a half serving of another. #7- Plan a Friday endurance workout. Let's face it, you will consume more calories on one plate of Thanksgiving dinner compared to an average dinner, so use up those calories. BUT put a positive spin on it! Many years my family and I head out to our farm for a long hike...some years we head to a park reserve. Fresh crisp air after a stuffed belly is refreshing. There you have it! Seven points to challenge you with? Can you take the challenge?? This is a great accountability tool. I would love to hear from you if you take this challenge and follow through ! Happy Thanksgiving Friends!! Rachel Zimmerman, Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach ACE/NSCA Wife, Mother, and Friend

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